doTERRA Daily Drop

Do You Have the Daily Drop App?

The “Daily Drop” is now available.  This new app is designed specifically to help you continually learn about essential oils and aromatherapy. Each day, the Daily Drop updates you with one new bit of learning, making it easy for you to continually gain more understanding about the benefits essential oils can bring to your life and the lives of your family and friends.

By taking advantage of this simple drop-by-drop approach to gaining helpful insights and information, you can enjoy a snippet of news delivered in a short-and-sweet video format. Access the Daily Drop from your phone or other internet-accessible device, or, if you prefer, via email.

All it takes is two minutes a day to build knowledge the gives you more control of your personal wellness and well-being. Think of it as two minutes of “Me-time” during which you pause and focus on the educational and upbeat message the Daily Drop has for you. And because we all know that life gets hectic from time to time, don’t worry if you miss checking in for a day or two. Your “drops” will be waiting for you the next time you visit your Daily Drop app.

How to Download the Daily Drop App

The Daily Drop is available through:



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