Cilantro Week is Here! #cilantroweek

Love it or hate it, everyone can agree that cilantro is powerful stuff.

All week long, dōTERRA™ is featuring cilantro’s many uses: its famous culinary kick, fresh herbal scent, its benefits as a digestive aid, and role as an overall detoxifier.

Did You Know? 

Every part of cilantro is edible, and the seeds are commonly known by the plant’s other name: coriander! Although they come from the same plant, the compounds in cilantro essential oil differ from the active parts of coriander oil derived from seeds, which gives each one a distinctive aroma and use.

For the Cilantro Lovers…

Cilantro fans will love adding a few drops to their diffuser mixed with citrus oils like lime, orange, and lemon essential oils to brighten up the aroma in any room.

Fresh cilantro is a great edition to dips, soups, salads, and more, but soometimes you  just want the cool zest without all the extra volume, which is where essential oils come in handy. A couple drops of cilantro essential oil can add wonderful flavor to any dish. In fact, over at the dōTERRA™ blog, they’re starting the week off with a pinapple and nectarine salsa, featuring lime and cilantro essential oils.

For the Cilantro Haters…

We know, you hate it because to you it tastes like soap, and science even backs you up. But that doesn’t mean you have to be totally left out. Add two drops of cilantro essential oil in dōTERRA™ veggie caps, and you can still experience the digestive boost without having to endure the flavor.

When using fresh cilantro, try crushing the leaves and letting them air out for a while. This allows plant enzymes to convert the compounds that give cilantro its sometimes-soapy flavor to milder ones you might even discover you like.


This sweet and savory summer treat (packed with nutrients and flavonoids) is just the beginning. To get all the updates, be sure to follow the hashtag #cilantroweek on Twitter to get new recipes and insights as they debut.

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