Deep breath

Take a Deep Breath Even If Summer Gunk Has You Down

Breathe® is the dōTERRA™ product of the month! Starting now through August 15th, you can earn a free 5ml bottle of Breathe® by placing an order worth 125LRP or higher.

Breathe® is an essential oil blend created for respiratory support. Summer seasonal and environmental threats like mold from sustained humidity, and early crops of ragweed can leave you feeling sluggish, foggy-headed, and miserable. Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Ravensara, and Cardamom are all combined within dōTERRA™ Breathe® to help lift the fog and maintain clear-feeling airways.

This blend is safe enough to apply directly to skin, so you can carry it with you, breathe deeply directly from the bottle, dab a drop on your wrist, rub it into your chest, or put a few drops in your favorite diffuser.

Mela-what? Raven-who? Cardamom, really?

Mint and eucalyptus is a combination of powerful herbs used the world over. It’s in rubs, cough drops, teas, and more. It’s such a popular pair that even the names menthol (a major active ingredient in mint) and eucalyptus are combined in some products and labeled “metholyptus”! Even lemon has a reputation for helping you recover when the breathing gets tough. Lemon and honey tea, anyone?


You may already be familiar with Melaleuca and not even know it! The more popular name for this plant is “tea tree”. Tea tree oil is popular for topical applications, like helping acne and bug bites heal. It also has a strong scent with a similar profile to that of eucalyptus, making it a good companion oil.


Ravensara aromatica is a plant for Madagascar, and is commonly used in conjunction with other plants and oils for its complimentary effects. Its uses are similar to that of tea tree and eucalyptus.


Although you might associate cardamom more with chai lattes and Christmas sachets than breathing remedies or summer time, this close relative of ginger has a lot to offer. Cardamom has high 1, 8-cineole content, one of the primary substances that gives eucalyptus its powerful respiratory influence.

All of these essential oils combine in one blend to provide a bright and relaxing scent profile that will hopefully help you breathe a little easier.

About the Product of the Month Deal:

  • The free 5ml can only be earned through the Loyalty Rewards Program, which requires membership
  • Qualifying order needs to total 125LRP or higher
  • Only orders placed before August 15th will count towards your free bottle

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