Miss Out On #CilantroWeek?

Did you miss out on #cilantroweek activity on Twitter and Facebook? Not to worry! We’ve got a roundup of the three biggest tips from the week right here for you.

Summary of Tips From the Week:

  • add 5 drops of lime essential oil & 2 drops of cilantro oil to make fresh, healthy salsa without all the chopping & squeezing [see full recipe]
  • combine 4 drops white fir, 1 drop cilantro, and 4 drops cedarwood for a bright, woodsy diffuser blend
  • create a fabulous, greek-themed green goddess dressing using cilantro, lemon, basil, and marjoram essential oils [see full recipe]
  • overcome strong, unpleasant odors using cilantro’s strong (and much more pleasant) scent


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