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Traveling Through Scent: Brunch in France

The long, bright summer days make many of us dream of travel to beautiful, exciting places. Brunching on a sun-bathed terrace by a field of waving lavender in the heart of the French countryside sounds so delightful. But the reality of travel is less picturesque. Paying hundreds for a ticket to fly for hours, finding pet sitters, rearranging your schedule, trying to get a passport, the list of travel stresses goes on and on.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your summer! Tranquility can be found almost anywhere, and a “staycation” – even if only for a few hours – can do wonders to lift your spirits.

Taking time to relax, unwind, and daydream is good for the brain, and for the spirit.

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In your favorite diffuser, add one drop of lavender and five drops of wild orange essential oil. The bright, invigorating orange and the sweet, uplifting lavender will help transport you to a more relaxing frame of mind. But before you jet off…

Set Yourself Up For Success

With practice, you can train yourself to recenter and let go of stresses almost anywhere. But part of the secret to that is discovering what distracts you and taking steps to address or let go of stressors. For your mini-escape, create a space so you can experience a total release and focus on yourself and your ideal vacation vision. Go on your luxurious French countryside brunch right at home and use your diffuser blend to let scent fuel your inner flight.

  1. Set a time and date; block off time that’s just for you and stick to it! Give yourself at least 30 minutes of just relaxation time.
  2. Find your favorite spot: your porch, your kitchen table, your bed, your sofa. If you can sit in the sunshine, even better!
  3. Declutter your favorite spot; even if you just move all the “stuff” to another spot for a little bit. This helps minimize distractions.
  4. Make yourself a light meal of your favorite foods; try things like toast and sweet jam, light herbal tea, fresh fruit.
  5. Choose a sound that soothes you. Classical music? Silence? The soundtrack from a French film to transport your imagination?
  6. Decorate! Dress up! Set out a fancy cloth, use a serving tray, get yourself a breezy shirt or a sundress.
  7. Put the lavender and wild orange blend in your diffuser and settle in to your adventure.

Use your imagination and find the wonder and sweetness in your immediate surroundings. Relaxing lavender and uplifting wild orange in your diffuser provides an aromatherapy boost to your self-care vacation.

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