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Limited Time Offer: Cumin Essential Oil

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Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a popular spice used the world over. For a limited time, you can get a 5ml bottle of cumin essential oil along with tangerine, dill, and spearmint as part of the Summer Sunsational kit! Shop for it now The Summer Sunsational kit is a while-supplies-last offer, so don’t miss out.

What’s In Cumin?

This popular and potent spice contains volatile compounds such as cuminaldehyde, limonene and cymene. The broad profile of organic compounds creates cumin’s interesting flavor and gives it properties which support the digestive system and may be antiseptic as well.

Cuminaldehyde (C10H12O)

Don’t worry, this isn’t like formaldehyde (CH2O)! The thing they have in common is they are both “aldehydes” a type of organic compound, many of which are the formation or basis of fragrances. Cuminaldehyde is the compound largely responsible for cumin’s scent, and it shares this with eucalyptus, myrrh, and other well-known aromatics.


Limonene takes its name from lemons, where it’s most plentiful. It’s common in foods, fragrances, and medicines. It helps offset bitterness and helps balance cumin’s flavor profile. It also provides digestive support, and may explain why cumin has been such a popular culinary spice the world over. When it’s extracted and used in large amounts, it becomes a powerful cleaner.


Another aromatic organic compound! This is also commonly found in oregano, anise, and other plants. When it’s extracted and isolated, it’s used in flavoring and perfumes.

What is Cumin For?

Cumin has been valued for centuries throughout the world, particularly in the Mediterranean and Middle East. It’s even been found in Egyptian tombs! It’s popular within Ayurvedic medicine, as well as Indian cuisine. It’s said to have a balancing effect on spicy flavors like chilis, or acidic and rich flavors like tomato.

What is summer without spice? Try a drop or two in gassy foods, like a pot of campfire beans. The slight bitterness pairs well with savory and slight sweet flavors. Trying your hand at making your own hummus? Add a drop of cumin essential oil, a drop of lemon, and a drop of dill as you’re mixing it all together to distribute, cool, bright flavor throughout the creamy chickpea dip.

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