Baking With Beans?? Sweet Protein You’ll Love

Recently, the dōTERRA™ blog put out a recipe for chocolate mint brownies. The secret ingredients in these home made miracles? Just 3-4 drops of peppermint essential oil and… black beans! Black beans are packed with nutrients and will add rich texture to your baked goods.

Beans… For Dessert?

Beans being used in desserts is nothing new! In China and Japan, azuki beans are used to make a sweet red bean paste used in confections and other cooking. Black bean paste is also a popular confectionery filling, although it’s made with mung beans rather than what we typically call black beans. In Western baking, using beans is relatively new. Vegans looking for egg alternatives, people trying to eliminate gluten from their diets, and fans of paleo recipes have turned to using beans to make favorite recipes healthier.

If you haven’t tried making desserts with beans yet, it could open up a whole new world of adventurous, yet simple baking options.

Using Essentials To Create Rich Desserts

So many great recipes! But you may have noticed a trend: most of them are chocolate, or chocolate-centric. Chocolate is great! But sometimes you want to mix it up a little.

Try adding a few drops of these food-safe essential oils to add flavor and spice when you’re experimenting:


Warm, stimulating, intense clove! Just a drop or two is enough to flavor a whole batch of brownies.


Another popular winter-warmer flavor!


This popular relative of ginger combines well with cinnamon and clove, if you decide to try your hand at a chai-inspired recipe.


This seemingly unusual choice is worth trying! Lavender has a natural sweetness, a bright floral nature that will compliment rich chocolate, and will smell heavenly coming out of the oven!

Wild Orange

Chocolate orange anyone? Get antioxidants in your baking along with the rich proteins from using black beans!

With so many options, you may start buying black beans by the pallet-load! What will be your first black bean baking adventure?

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