Protection Kit for Summer and Beyond, Part 5: Purify

Summertime, back-to-school, Fall… Every major yearly change comes with challenges and hazards. Poor air quality, bugs, sunburns, and feeling scattered by change are at peak during this time of year. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Taking steps to relax, improve your feeling of clear breathing, and warding off pests will go a long way toward helping you move through each year’s changes with greater ease.

Read the 4 parts covering the other oils in our kit.

  1. Helichrysum
  2. TerraShield
  3. Basil
  4. Lavender

This kit of five oils can be purchased in the shop. (Psst… Did you know that there’s a special going on? From September 1st-15th 2016 if Wellness Advocates place an order worth 160PV you’ll receive free 15ml bottles of lemon, lavender, and peppermint essentials oils! Don’t know what PV is? Here’s a glossary of terms related Wellness Advocate Accounts.)

Purify the Scent of Your Space

Even if summertime is your favorite, I think we can all admit – Summer. Smells. Bad. Let’s face it: wet dogs, workout clothes, trash cans affected by the high temperatures, bizarre swamp smells from outings in the woods… none of these are smells you want lingering in your home.

Purify essential oil blend from dōTERRA™ blends citrus oils from lemon and lime peels, sharp melaluca, three different pines scents, and fresh cilantro can overpower the stinkier elements and freshen any space!

Freshening tips:

  • Use Purify on a cotton ball and tape it to the lid of your trash can, the scent will last longer and be the first thing that hits your nose, rather than onion bits and banana peels.
  • Create your own rearview mirror hanger! Cut out a shape in thin cardboard, doodle or decoupage one side, add a couple drops to the back side, and string it up with cute ribbon.
  • Add a couple drops to a cotton ball (or cotton makeup pad) and tuck it in a pocket of a gym bag to keep sweat smells at bay.

Purify Your Surfaces

The beauty of essential oils is that they’re super concentrated versions of plants that provide a wide variety of benefits. Rather than buying bushels of lemons and dried herbs, you can use essential oils to take advantage of these terrific plant powers without needing a big stock of ingredients at the ready. To make a disinfecting counter wipe, add five drops of Purify to a small spray bottle of water and give it a strong shake before spritzing surfaces and wiping them down. For extra cleaning power, add some vinegar. Not only will Purify boost the cleaning power of this mixture, but the citrus-pine-herb scent of Purify will overpower the less-pleasant vinegar smell!

Purify on the Go

Germs. They seem to dominate season changes, especially when you’re getting back to school. Good hand washing practice is key to helping stay healthy, but sometimes it seems like not enough. You don’t have to live in a bubble, though! Pocket-sized hand sanitizers are really popular, but they’re primarily alcohol-based and wind up being really drying for your skin. Citrus oils are here to help!

3oz Moisturizing hand sanitizer:

In a small bottle, mix all ingredients and shake well! Adding a few drops of isopropyl alcohol is recommended for people who have higher exposure routines. If you take public transportation, go to school, find yourself in a hospital, or go to busy events, the extra germ-killing power of alcohol is recommended. The fresh, green, citrusy scent of Purify will keep you coming back for more, and the soothing aloe will help buffer the strong essential oils (and if you added alcohol, keep it from drying you out).

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