Limited Offer: Melissa and Roman Chamomile

Starting December 1st, folks with an account can get up to two bottles each of Melissa and Roman Chamomile essential oil.

Why the Restriction?

There are limited sources for these herbs! dōTERRA prides itself on responsible sourcing for all its essential oils. That means making sure that the workers growing the herbs are treated fairly. It means protecting the environments that these herbs grow in. It means not just taking, but building and nurturing.

dōTERRA calls it Cō-Impact Sourcing, and it’s the foundation of everything they do. Sometimes that means certain oils are out of stock while sources are located, or cared for.

But Aren’t These Common Herbs?

Sure! Melissa is commonly known as Lemon Balm, and it’s common in herb gardens all over. Some varieties of Chamomile are so tolerant of wild conditions that they grow in cracks in the sidewalk. But here’s the thing about herbs and essential oils: it takes a lot of herb material to make a little bit of essential oil.

It takes about 3 pounds of eucalyptus leaves to make one ounce of essential oil, and 9lbs of lavender to make an ounce of lavender essential oil! One ounce translates to 29.5735ml. So that’s about two 15ml bottles of essential oils.

The Household Cyclopedia of General Information (published in 1881) says this about chamomile:

This is obtained from the flowers, and is stomachic. One lb. will yield a dr.; 82 lbs. will yield from 13 to 18 drs. It is of a fine blue, even if distilled in glass vessels.

Thirteen drams works out to about 1.62oz. Isn’t that amazing? 82 pounds of flowers just for a little over an ounce and a half! Of course, 13 drams also works out to 48.057ml. That’s about nine 5ml bottles of essential oil. One pound of dried (German) chamomile flowers fills a bag that’s 6″ x 5″ x 4″. Multiplied by 82, that’s about 57 cubic feet. To put things in perspective: an average bathtub should hold about 8 cubic feet of water. So it takes around 7 bathtubs full of chamomile flowers to make about 9 bottles of chamomile essential oil.

The Herb Society of America’s in-depth guide to Melissa says the typical yield of essential oil is .5ml/kg. (That’s 0.016907 ounces per 2.20462 pounds!)

Thankful Use

So, knowing how challenging it is to ethically source so much plant material to make great essential herbs, there’s just one thing to do: get them while they’re available, and use them thankfully!

Roman Chamomile is soothing to mind and body. Add a few drops to hair and skin products to promote soft, healthy, youthful appearance. Add to your favorite soothing diffuser blends to promote peaceful sleep. Breathe deep and envision waving fields of bright yellow and white flowers.

Melissa is a citrusy herb that’s also renowned for its soothing properties. It’s another great choice for a sleepy time diffuser blend. A drop or two added to drinks or food can impart a soft, sweet lemony flavor. It’s refreshing and relaxing like watching bees lazily hum from flower to flower on a warm summer day.

Mark your calenders, because these two oils are coming, and in limited quantities! December first. In the meantime, find out how to get your account started so you’re ready to get these before they’re gone.

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