3 dōTERRA Oil Collections to Simplify Your Life

Do you ever look at a new product or idea and think, “Wow, this is great, but where do I start?”

When the product is dōTERRA and the idea is enhancing your daily life through the use of essential oils, the answer to your question can be as simple as a prebuilt kit, of oils that work especially well together or have been compiled for a targeted purpose.

dōTERRA oil Collections can help you jumpstart the learning process about essential oils. When you start with a kit, already customized to address a need or to help you reach a target, you can be confident in the choice you are making, knowing that others who are highly experienced in the benefits and nuances of each oil have taken any guess work out of the process. And with dōTERRA, there are so many interesting kits and ways to get started yourself or to introduce a friend to delights and benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.

dōTERRA Oil Collections eliminate the guesswork of which essential oils to buy, mix, or give as gifts to others. With the holidays coming quickly, and your already-busy schedule, think how much you could energize your days, soothe your stress, help your family stay healthier, and streamline your shopping and the gift-giving process by selecting a dōTERRA kit or collection for yourself AND as gifts for those you love.

Here are three favorite dōTERRA Oil Collections to start you thinking about the possibilities:

  1. AromaTouch® Technique Kit. Everything you need to share the experience of oil blending to produce a greater sense of wellness and calm. Packaged in a presentation box, the AromaTouch Technique Kit includes: 5 mL bottles of each of 7 favorite oils doTERRA Balance, Lavender, Melaleuca, doTERRA On Guard®, AromaTouch, Deep Blue®, Wild Orange, and Peppermint, plus a 4 ounce bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil. The kit retails for $133.33 but Wellness Advocates pay only $100.
  2. The Family Essential Kit. Think of how many things in your medicine cabinet you could toss if you made a single purchase of this kit, packed with the “feel better” essentials every family needs to help them stay healthier and combat the bugs and blahs that can creep into a household and get everyone down. This kit, priced at $166.67 retail or $125 wholesale for wellness advocates, contains 5 mL bottles of each of the following: Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Melaleuca, OreganoFrankincenseDeep Blue®doTERRA Breathe®DigestZen®, and doTERRA On Guard®. You’ll feel better the moment you open the box, knowing you are prepared for so many of the routine (and sometimes not so routine) stressors we all face in our environment.
  3. The Introductory Kit (one of the most popular of the dōTERRA oil collections) is the perfect stocking stuffer, thank-you gift, or perhaps back-up kit to keep at your office or at the gym. This beautifully boxed set of 5 mL bottles (one each) of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint is an ideal way to introduce a friend, co-worker, or family member to the life-enhancing properties of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Wholesale price (for Wellness Advocates*) $20. Retail price: $26.67.

*Not a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate yet? When you see how much you could be saving, it only makes sense to join. You’ll save money on all the oils you buy, plus you’ll be able to share oils with others, showing them the rewards that come with being part of the dōTERRA family. Follow this link and start taking advantage of the savings that come with Whole Membership Prices for Wellness Advocates.

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