5 Ways to Use dōTERRA On Guard

On Guard is a terrific essential oil blend from dōTERRA. (If you’re a member, it was also part of a special promotion earlier this month, did you get yours?)

This blend has wild orange, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, and rosemary essential oils. It has a warm, spicy, and woody scent profile, perfect for the colder months! This blend is made from oils renown for immune support, and their utility as cleaners. (Read more about On Guard.  )It’s terrific, and without further ado, here’s…

Five Fast Uses for On Guard Essential Oil Blend


1 -Easy moisturizing hand cleaner –

With just three ingredients, pure aloe vera gel, isopropyl alcohol, and On Guard, it’s super easy to make up small batches to throw in your bag or pocket. Use a ratio of 5 parts aloe to 1 part alcohol, and add at least 5 drops of On Guard. Aloe is a classic moisturizer, and the combination of alcohol and On Guard will help keep your hands clean and smelling great. Sensitive to alcohol? Leave it out! On Guard has oils to help keep your hands clean. You could also add a few drops of white vinegar in place of the alcohol. Need a deep moisturizer? Blend fractionated coconut oil with On Guard.

2- Quick cleanup spray –

Add 10-20 drops of On Guard to a mixture of alcohol and water for a cleansing spray. Use a ratio of 1 part alcohol to 3 parts water. And of course, you can use vinegar if you prefer. Alcohol is typically regarded as a stronger disinfectant, so if using vinegar, make the mixture half and half. Shake well, spray lightly on surfaces, and wipe down. Before you go too wild with your thrifty cleaner, though, make sure to spot test on wood or fabric surfaces.

3 – Simple fruit soak –

Soak fruit for a few minutes in just enough cold water to cover with a few drops of On Guard. Apples work great with this! You get warm spice flavor and the immune supporting benefits of the essentials in On Guard. A few other fruits that would work well with On Guard’s flavor profile: oranges, pears, firm cantalope, and peaches.

4 – Two-second coffee scrub –

Are you a coffee drinker? Get a bonus use from your grounds! After your coffee grounds have cooled, scoop out a spoonful, put a drop or two or On Guard on it and… scrub! The grounds are a gentle exfoliant, and the same stimulating properties that we get from using coffee from the inside also work when you apply them on the outside. This scrub will be warming, invigorating, and leave your skin feeling so soft! Add a couple drops of fractionated coconut oil if you want a little extra moisturizing power.

Oh, and if you’re not a coffee drinker? You don’t need anything fancy, you can buy a can of cheap, drip-grind coffee to keep around for crafts and cosmetics.

5 – Minute mouthwash and sore throat gargle –

Strong spices – especially clove – have a history in dental hygiene. Add 2-3 drops of On Guard to a small cup of water for a quick cleansing mouthwash. Suffering from a sore throat? Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a quarter cup of warm water, add a drop or two of On Guard and get gargling. Salt water is a gentle abrasive that helps remove mucus and other throat irritants, as well as being a disinfecting agent. The mixture of oils in On Guard may help soothe your soreness further and add some extra germ-fighting power. Try not to swallow any, though, as salt water isn’t all that great for you by itself.

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