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2016 is rapidly coming to a close and with a new year comes new goals. Like many, you may be looking ahead to 2017 and thinking “I want to do things more naturally and be more proactive with my health!” You might also be considering trying something new to earn extra money or maybe even pursue a new career. Well, I have three pieces of really good news about all that!

One: The Many Ways to Use Essential Oils for Health

During the last year, we’ve covered multiple ways you can use essential oils to better take care of yourself and your family. Highlights:

If you read back through the blog, you’ll find profiles of multiple essential oils! There are still many in the doTERRA library to cover, including ones added this year. We hope you’ll join us as we continue to share tips, insights, and profiles on essential oils as you build your new, healthy habits.

Two: It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Essential oils do seem expensive!

Yet a single bottle of essential oil is often equivalent to a hundred or more pounds of raw herbal material, and is used a drop at a time. doTerra prides itself on creating essential oils that are in a class all their own. In fact, they have even provided a dedicated website for you to explore the entire process used in creating their essential oils. It’s rare to get this kind of transparency, but doTERRA is a unique organization.

The money you spend on essential oils of this quality is an investment:

  • in your health by using products you can trust
  • in sustainable farming practices that are respectful of the environment and of growers
  • in an organization committed to giving back
  • in research into plant-based solutions for healthy living

Beyond that are the perks of membership! Wellness Advocates and wholesale customers each get th following perks:

  • Receive wholesale pricing (25% discount) on all product purchases
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points
  • Eligible to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month
  • No monthly order commitment required

Not to mention shipping perks and other great exclusive offers.

Three: It’s Easier Than Ever to Start

In order to help people get started on the path of using essential oils in their lives, doTERRA has totally overhauled their sign up process. Below you’ll find a simple two page PDF that gives you a list of products you can choose to get started, and get saving. (Click on the image of the first page below to download the form!)

And of course, you can enroll online at any time with two simple options: Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate.

Wholesale customers get all the perks listed above. Wellness Advocates are offered the opportunity to take their love of essential oils to the next level!

Wellness Advocates gain access to a suite of tools to help them sign up new members, and start earning perks and actual income from their account. You can be as casual or as serious as you want. For those who want to pursue essential oils as a way to earn additional income (or even as a career), there are many tools, groups, and mentors available to help you build your own business. According to doTERRA estimates from 2015, 62% of Silver level Wellness Advocates earned around $26,000 a year. (Read the report here.)

But before you can save on oils or start earning points or income… you have to sign up! As mentioned, you can enroll online at any time, or you can also download the simple form below and email it back to me at roxannekasper@hotmail.com to start your journey. Feel free to drop an email if you have any questions about doTERRA, becoming a Wellness Advocate, or just general questions about essential oils!



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