Wellness Prosperity Summits 2017

One of the many benefits of being a Wellness Advocate is doTERRA really goes all-out in helping you achieve your goals. Do you want to expand your essential oil knowledge? Do you want to grow your own personal business opportunities with doTERRA? DoTERRA organizes events all across America (and in Canada), throughout each year, to help you with these goals!

View the full list of Wellness Prosperity Summits for 2017.

What You’ll Learn about doTERRA Essential Oils

This portion of the summit is totally free for everyone to attend. Wellness Advocates should bring guests along! This will help you introduce people to doTERRA oils and what they can do.

  • What makes doTERRA stand out as a company creating essential oils
  • What makes doTERRA essential oils so potent and effective
  • How you can join doTERRA in their mission to make the world a better place
  • How doTERRA essential oils and supplements can be used to support immune health, and how critical immune system health is to everyday life
Following the “doTERRA Difference” presentation, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in many product demonstrations, where you’ll be able to see how products work, try samples, and ask questions from professional experts.

What You’ll Learn About Growing Your Business

This portion of the summit is a 4 hour training, which is $20 for Wellness Advocates, and free for guests. Business experts will help you understand the unique business model of doTERRA, and how to prosper. They’ll cover:
  1. Conquering your internal stumbling blocks that could be holding you back from prosperity, and wellness too!
  2. Sharing doTERRA with friends and family in a natural, easy way
  3. Explore how you can pay for your own products, earn extra income or how to create a career income all by using and sharing doTERRA essential oils
  4. Explore tools that will help you share doTERRA and educate others on the benefits of essential oils

Will You Be There?

If you’re just getting started, these summits are an excellent opportunity to gain the confidence and information you need to succeed. There is so much opportunity in sharing essential oil wellness techniques with others. Don’t miss your chance! Make 2017 the year you take charge of your health, and your wealth. Not a Wellness Advocate yet? Sign up today! 

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