How Are Your Goals Coming Along?

Well, it’s the end of January, all. January incentives are wrapping up, and time is running out on year-starter incentives, too!

Just a brief check in with all you budding Wellness Advocates out there, to remind you of the great programs running right now to help you get started:

The Ring In The New Year new wholesale customer and Wellness Advocate push will end on February 28th. This incentive program rewards you with great, free essential oil products for meeting new signup goals. It also helps you start building an income stream from your essential oil advocacy, so it’s really win-win! (Need a refresher on how that works? Read about it here.)

The first Wellness Prosperity Summits of the year were just completed yesterday. Did you go?! Maybe the first one was too far away. Well, don’t fret, because most regions will have two more in February at different locations, and there will be a summit in March and one in April in some regions, also. Check the full list of summits by region and get details for each event here.

Plus, don’t forget, you can create your own New Year, New You events and earn incentive bonuses while increasing your team.

Speaking of incentives… I was just at an exclusive doTERRA retreat for Wellness Advocates in Cancun, Mexico! (I hope to share some photos of this amazing, awesome trip with you soon.) If you stay passionate, and stay focused, next year you could be the one sharing memories and photos from 4 days of learning and relaxation. Did I mention it was amazing? Because it was a-ma-zing!

Want to get started? You can enroll online right now. I’ll be here to support you on your journey to wellness and success!

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