Promo & Product of the Month: AromaTouch 5ml & Passion Touch


Another month, more great promotions!

doTERRA doesn’t play around when it comes to great rewards, and this month is no exception.

All throughout February, you can get 10% off doTERRA Passion Touch, a 10ml roll on made with fractionated coconut oil and doTERRA’s proprietary essential oil blend, Passion. True-to-name, Passion Touch combines the following warm, sweet and floral tones (sure to set your heart aflame!):

  • Cardamom Seed
  • Cinnamon Bark
  • Ginger Root
  • Clove Bud
  • Sandalwood Wood
  • Jasmine Flower Absolute
  • Vanilla Bean Absolute
  • Damiana Leaf

It is the perfect blend for keeping your spirits high as the cold months drag on. Since many of the “hot” oils like clove and cinnamon wouldn’t be skin-safe on their own, doTERRA has conveniently blended the perfect amount of essential oil power in skin-safe fractionated coconut oil so you can apply it directly. Dab on your pulse points like your wrists, or throat, as you would your favorite perfume, and glide through your day on an uplifting cloud of petals and spice.

Whether you’re heading for a romantic Valentine’s date, filling out dozens of tiny cards for your kids’ classmates, or just trying to give yourself a boost through the winter blahs, Passion Touch is a great choice.

125 LRP Freebie Bonus: 5ml AromaTouch

Each month gives you an opportunity to grab a free essential oil (or other doTERRA product). Don’t dawdle though, you need to have your 125 LRP order in before February 15th to qualify!

This month, it’s 5ml of AromaTouch. AromaTouch is another doTERRA blend, engineered to promote maximum relaxation.

  • Cypress Plant
  • Peppermint Plant
  • Marjoram Leaf
  • Basil Leaf
  • Grapefruit Peel
  • Lavender

It’s amazing added to an epsom salt bath for a hot, ultra-relaxing soak, or you could use it in making your very own bath bombs! And, unlike a store-bought bath bomb, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. (Plus no weird gunk left in the tub from additives like sugar glitter, oils, or anything else.)

Later this month, I’ll tell you more about how the AromaTouch blend works with The AromaTouch Technique, a combination of massage and aromatherapy using essential oils. It’s an excellent way to experience the benefits of essential oils in a way that anyone can learn and everyone can enjoy.

If you’re in the Orlando, FL area and you’d like to know more about AromaTouch Technique, or need hands-on training, come visit us at our Winter Garden shop in the Plant St. Market! Be sure to take some time to visit some of our Plant St. neighbors; there’s so much to enjoy like gourmet coffee, fresh juice, farm-to-table lunch and dinner, freshly baked bread, handmade local goods, artisan chocolate, and more… in fact, you may be able to make the most memorable Valentine’s Day ever, just by coming to see us! (Whether you’re making big plans for a loved on, or just taking yourself out on a well-deserved date day.)

Don’t Forget!

These bonuses and special offers apply to wholesale members and Wellness Advocates only. Have you signed up yet? Do it online here today and get started earning freebies and bonuses right away!

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