Discount & POM for March: On Guard Foaming Handwash & Melaleuca Touch

Sensitive skin? doTERRA has you covered in gentle, moisturizing, cleansing foam. Formulated with doTERRA’s unique On Guard essential oil blend, On Guard foaming hand wash will help keep you on top of proper hand washing. Rosemary and citrus scents make this a fun, invigorating everyday hand wash. The two dispensers that come in this kit make it easy to use every day.

10% off means that Wholesale customers pay $20.25, Retail customers pay $27.00, and the PV is 16.65.

Want to order or look up doTERRA On Guard hand wash by item number? 38070001

And of course, every month is an opportunity for a free essential oil product. This month it’s a 10ml Melaleuca Touch. Melaleuca is a favorite for aromatherapy, and a go-to for minor skin irritations like pimples. This roll on provides easy application wherever you are, and the fractionated coconut oil base helps keep the strong oil from being irritating or drying to the skin.

To qualify for this month’s POM (that’s Product of the Month), you need to place a Loyalty Rewards Program order of 125 PV or greater before March 15th. Reminder, if you’re interested in the free Deep Blue Duo promotion, you can only get one free promo item per qualifying order. So if you place a 200 PV order and were hoping to get the POM and the Deep Blue Duo freebie, you’re out of luck! One promo per qualifying order. The good news is: the Deep Blue Duo promo runs until March 31st, so if you’re interested in both, get your 125 PV (or higher) order in before March 15th, then just make sure you put in a 200 PV or higher order before the end of the month, and you’ll be able to get both freebies!


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