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The Love in Every Bottle of doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil

Amidst fears that drought conditions in Somalia may lead to the next famine, doTERRA is working, on many levels, to help support the needs of the people there. In addition to facilitating the building of schools and responding to the drought conditions and food shortage, doTERRA works with the local farmers who maintain the precious frankincense trees. Many of these trees are sustainably farmed and used in creating doTERRA Frankincense Essential Oil.

The Somali grown frankincense is valuable in providing harvesting jobs, warehouse work, and a reliable source of income for families in Somalia. Yet doTERRA is always focused on stewardship of this important resource just as much as they care about respecting the needs and working environment of the harvesters who collect the product and the workers who sort the frankincense resin.

Currently a scientific team is visiting the trees to study the impact of the drought on the harvesting process.

Emily Wright, Founding Executive, explained, “We don’t want to just negotiate for the best price. While we want to secure our supply chain, and make sure we have the highest quality Frankincense that the world has to offer, we also have a stewardship to the trees and to the people that harvest them. We take that very seriously. We know that when we take care of the people that they’ll take care of us.”

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