doTERRA Lemon Oil Takes Your Spring Cleaning to the Next Level

Have you finished your spring cleaning yet? If not, don’t give up! Technically, you have until June 21st —plenty of time to beautify your space.

Hang on, we don’t mean to sound unsympathetic. For some of us, spring cleaning is more of a journey than a destination. And, to your credit, some of you probably had spring cleaning completely wrapped by early March. We’re not here to judge, nor would we wish to spark tensions between “Type A” and “Type B” spring-cleaners. In fact, no matter how you choose to celebrate this yearly ritual of renewal, doTERRA essential oils can help. Essential plant oils, like doTERRA’s Lemon oil, are powerful, all-natural, and safe for most cleaning jobs.

Love the fresh, clean scent of lemon? Not too thrilled about all those harsh, chemical-intensive cleaning products under your sink? doTERRA Lemon oil might be just the thing.

Here are just a few of the many uses for lemon oil. Most of these recipes involve mixing a few drops of lemon oil with some simple ingredients, like water, vinegar, and baking soda.

  • Laundry room – clean clothes smelling stale? Add a few drops of doTERRA Lemon oil to a solution of water, baking soda, and vinegar. Run this through your empty washing machine, on its hottest setting. You can use this solution to scrub away any dirt, as needed. To rinse, simply run your washer empty again, on the hottest setting. Voilà!
  • Odor control – give indoor trash cans a vigorous spritzing, inside and out, with lemon oil, water, and vinegar. Then, scrub with a sponge as needed. For deodorizing garbage disposals, check out this handy guide.
  • Surfaces – stovetops, appliances, and counters wipe clean easily with a solution of lemon oil and white vinegar. Dilute with water to wipe down countertops, or use full-strength on grimy stovetops and other problem areas.
  • Windowsills – these natural cleaners are so versatile that the same solution of vinegar, water, and lemon oil can be used on windows and windowsills alike. Again, dilute as necessary.
  • Ceiling fans – over time, fan blades attract a surprising buildup of grime and dust. Spray an old pillowcase with a mixture of water and lemon oil, then slip the pillowcase over each fan blade in turn. As you wipe, the dust sticks to the pillowcase, and the lemon oil leaves an uplifting scent behind.
  • Vents – clean vents can dramatically improve air quality in the home. Once again, warm water, vinegar, and lemon oil make the perfect cleaning solution for cleaning dust, dirt, pollen & pet hair from vents.
  • Dishwashers – every dishwasher needs a good freshening-up once in a while. Pour vinegar into a small dish, add five to 10 drops of lemon oil, and place the dish in your dishwasher. Run your dishwasher on the highest setting.
  • Microwave ovens – did you know you can microwave a small dish of water to make the inside of the microwave easier to wipe down? This works even better with a few drops of doTERRA Lemon oil added to the water. Cleaning time is reduced by half, and your microwave smells amazing when you’re done. There’s really no downside here.

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