Immortelle Essential Oil Blend

Natural Radiance: Immortelle Essential Oil Blend

Good things happen all the time… here’s proof: This month, doTERRA is making it even easier for you to look your best, offering a FREE 10ML roll-on of Immortelle essential oil blend if you place any single 200 PV order between June 1 and June 30 2017.

Wait… how is that possible? The amazing Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend retails for $92.67… how can doTERRA possibly be giving it away FREE?

Perhaps because they know how much you will love this product and how quickly you will see and feel the benefits.

Immortelle Essential Oil BlendThis proprietary blend includes Frankincense Resin, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Resin, Helichrysum Flower, and Rose Flower essential oils. Doesn’t your skin feel better just reading this list of luxurious, renewing oils?

Enjoy this special proprietary blend of the oils that others have treasured throughout history. Place your monthly order, buy a present for a friend or stock up on oils you know you will need in the future and make sure your order totals at least 200 PV. Then count the minutes until your Immortelle essential oil blend roll-on arrives in the mail!

Immortelle Essential Oil Blend

Primary Benefits

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps reduce contributing factors to the appearance of aging skin
  • Helps sustain smoother, more radiant, and youthful-looking skin

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