Amazing Essential Oils Start with One Simple Ingredient: Respect

There are so many reasons why doTERRA is a leader in the worldwide market for essential oils. But the key to all doTERRA’s quality and success is simple: respect.

Creating essential oils requires tons of raw plant material, and distillation has to be done carefully to extract the purest and most complete profile of volatile organic compounds. doTERRA partners with farmers and distilleries in 40 countries worldwide, seeking to work with the people who live in the native habitats of the plants that eventually become essential oils.

Respect for the knowledge and livelihoods of growers means that the plants doTERRA purchases are grown optimally, naturally, and ethically. Some of these farmers have been working with their local plant life for generations, and so they can provide care and insights that simply can’t be replicated. doTERRA has an initiative called Co-Impact Sourcing® which focuses on providing fair pay and equitable working conditions for the producers of essential oil plants. Workers are encouraged to develop cooperative groups, develop skills, and develop collective benefit programs.

Respect for plants unique qualities means that distillation is done with the most optimal method; some are steam distilled, and some are expressed (also referred to as “cold-pressed”). Working with professionals who understand the unique temperatures, pressures, liquid volumes, plant amounts and more factors creates a better final product. Distilleries such as Esseterre, opened in Bulgaria in July 2016, are local to where the plants are grown, ensuring the freshest possible plants make it into production.

Many growers and distillers work exclusively with doTERRA, so when you hear claims that their oils are “the same”… well, that’s just not so.

Not only does doTERRA work directly with workers to keep these unique businesses thriving, but they also have the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™, which goes a step further to add benefits into the communities where these workers live, aiding communities in building medical facilities, schools, water systems, and more.

Being part of the solution

It’s so inspiring to be part of something that’s literally changing the world for the better. We love sharing essential oils with people, and you can share in this journey too! We talk a lot about the discounts and benefits you can get by being a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA, but there’s so much more than that. There’s the satisfaction of being part of a group that is working with nature, and with communities all around the world to make it a better place – for people and for nature – than how we found it.

Photo credit: Rose Erkul

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