Fir Your Information: Siberian Fir is Here

I know it’s a little early to get excited for the scents of winter holidays when it’s not even Halloween yet… but I have to admit that I am fairly excited for Siberian Fir coming out as a single essential oil. If you got the Holiday Joy blend that was available last winter, you’re already familiar with Siberian Fir! It’s also a feature in doTERRA’s Purify Cleansing Blend. There’s something so refreshing and bracing about a good, strong fir scent. Even on the coldest days, the resiny glow can come through and give a sense of life and warmth. (Sure, I live in Florida, but what can I say? The more I think of Christmas, the more I think of snowy fields, warm fires, and big, fragrant Christmas trees. Right, right, not Halloween yet I know.)

Siberian Fir has a terrific woody aroma, and it’s excellent in diffuser blends because it pairs so well with floral, citrus, or spicy notes. Try it with Wild Orange for a clear-headed pep boost when you’re feeling anxious. Get luxurious and combine Rose and Siberian Fir to set a romantic mood. Pair it with the other new addition, Copaiba, to add some spice. Or pair it with Douglas Fir for a double-fir experience!

Another thing: even though Siberian Fir can be described as having a “pine-y” scent, pines and firs are actually two distinct things. Pine trees have clusters of roundish needles all in a bunch, whereas firs typically have many individual, flatter needles up and down the stems.

Like other essential oils that originate from wood sources, it really seems to do wonders for congestion. Try adding it to your next DIY shower melt project, or in a larger humidifier when you’re struggling with a congestion.

Another thing to know: Siberian Fir is replacing White Fir.

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