Exciting New Essential Oils & Products

This month, doTERRA has been releasing new products like WILD.

New single oils, previously only available in doTERRA’s exclusive blends like:

Plus exciting new options in the Touch line, which are easy to use roll ons that are diluted in fractionated coconut oil for direct application:

  • dōTERRA Jasmine Touch 10mL
  • dōTERRA Rose Touch 10mL
  • dōTERRA Neroli Touch 10mL

And even more exciting products that make perfect gifts:

  • dōTERRA On Guard® Sanitizing Spray 27mL
  • Yoga Collection including: Align Centering Blend 5mL, Arise Enlightening Blend 5mL, and Anchor Steadying Blend 5mL

It’s a truly exciting time for essential oil fans and advocates. Stick around, because we’ll be going into more detail about all these new goodies soon. And remember, wholesale customers and Wellness Advocates are eligible for discounts, freebies, and more opportunities.

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