spread more christmas cheer with doterra oils

Spread More Christmas Joy with doTERRA Oils

Let doTERRA oils help you spread that magical “Christmasy-feeling” to everyone who walks through your front door. Fragrance, aroma, and scent are some of the most powerful ways to evoke memories, and help stimulate a positive sensory response.

Successful real estate professionals often encourage clients to make their home smell like freshly baked cookies or bread before tours by prospective buyers or renters. Tap into this same type of powerful sensory experience  by diffusing doTERRA oils throughout your home using the memorable scents of the holiday season. Why not help your holiday houseguests instantly capture more Christmas joy by scenting your home with a delightful fragrance?

Here are three popular blends to help you capture the aromatic essence of holidays:

  • 2 drops Wild Orange, 2 drops Cassia, 2 drops White Fir (or)christmas joy at your front door with doterra oils
  • 3 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Myrrh, 3 drops Cardamom, 2 drops White Fir (or)
  • 4 drops Wintergreen and 2 drops Douglas Fir

You can also experiment to create your own “signature blend”.

Start a Christmas Chain Reaction with doTERRA Oils

Consider the harried delivery person whose day suddenly feels a bit brighter because of the sweet smell of Christmas that greets him or her when you open the door. As the delivery person fulfills his route, stopping by more homes and offices, he’s a little more friendly and  jolly because of the pleasing aromatherapy moment he encountered when dropping off your packages.

His burst of joy spreads to every stop along his line; his Christmas spirit is contagious. This is a chain reaction that started with you. And it’s as simple to create as a few drops of doTERRA oil added to a diffuser!

photo credits: Photo by Mira and by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

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