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Facts You Need to Know about Using Essential Oils Internally

When and How to Use Essential Oils Internally

Whether you use oils for yourself and your family or you are a doTERRA Wellness Advisor, you’ll want to know, understand, and be able to answer questions about using essential oils how and when to take essential oils internallyinternally. Among the wide collection of individual or single oils offered by dōTERRA, 37 of the oils are safe to consume internally.

This means that in addition to putting these oils on your skin or in your diffuser, you can consume the oils directly. How you do this may vary as some oils have an application as an ingredient in recipes for cooking, others may be mixed in a favorite non-alcoholic drink, and by using the veggie capsules offered by dōTERRA, you also have the option to take the oils as you would any other capsule.

Handy Resources for Using Essential Oils Internally

To guide you and educate you on oils for internal use, we’ve put together three references that should answer all of your questions.

No matter which oil you choose, remember you only need a few drops (typically one or two) and that oils consumed internally are generally done when you have a specific concern you are looking to address. If you have more questions, or you are ready to become part of the doTERRA family as a Wellness Advisor, contact Roxanne 407-876-0575.

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