The doTERRA family is one big happy family

The doTERRA Family: It’s a Really Big Family

…and a Really Great Place to Be

In September of 2017, when doTERRA held is annual convention at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, the event set a record as the single largest conference in the state of Utah. Attendance hit 30,500 with another 10,000 people viewing on live stream. In total, 68 countries were represented among the attendees, as essential oil enthusiasts came together to share, learn, fellowship, serve, and have a tremendous amount of fun.

The doTERRA Family

But growth at doTERRA is more than big events. Utah Business magazine recently interviewed Alex Peterson, Corporate Relations for doTERRA. (UB Insider #69, Keeping Customers Happy During Explosive Growth January 5, 2018.)

As Peterson discussed the challenges of success, he talked about how doTERRA has burgeoned from a 2008 start-up to a brand that by 2015, had surpassed one billion dollars in annual sales.

Today doTERRA is recognized as a global leader in essential oils and wellness products. The company employs over 2000 people within the state of Utah, and another 500 workers worldwide. Last year, doTERRA served a global network of more than 5 MILLION customers and Wellness Advocates, worldwide, it sourced oils from 45 different countries while creating an  estimated 20,000 jobs within the source countries.

Amazing? Yes. 

And even more amazing is the fact that despite expanding at a rocket ship pace, doTERRA maintains its ambiance and appeal as a warm and nurturing family where new customers and new Wellness Advocates are embraced, supported, and deeply valued.

Successful, soaring, and still one big happy family… why haven’t you already joined these ranks?



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