Dress Up Your Homemade Essential Oil Goods With Free Patterns

One of the most fun parts of using essential oils is creating your own home cleaning mixes and skincare goods. Maybe you’ve made pots of On Guard coffee scrub, or made pretty blue bars of soap with Blue Tansy oil. As satisfying as it is to create your own luxe spa treatments at home, maybe you’ve been thinking your plain (or recycled) bottles and jars just aren’t quite as inspiring as the slick designs you can find at the store. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about making essential oil gifts for birthdays and holidays and are stumped for ways to dress them up and make them special!

Free Designs – Infinite Possibilities

With just a few minutes and a good color printer, you can create labels and beautiful wraps for your homemade essential oil goods! You could even print your own gift tags, labels, or cards.

This week, for free, you can download the beautiful patterns shown above! Sign up for an account with Creative Market and every week you can get all kinds of fun freebies, from patterns like Gentle Garden, to beautiful and elegant script fonts.

Now, the freebie goods are mostly for personal use! But if you wanted to do a short run of labels or print some beautiful bags if you have essential oil goods to sell at a local craft fair or flea market, Creative Market will allow you to use their free download goods under a Standard license, which lets you sell up to 500 items with your downloaded designs!

Punch Up Your Presentations

And hey Wellness Advocates – I didn’t forget about you either – these kinds of creative resources are fantastic to help you personalize the materials or gifts you give out to your new sign ups to really make them pop! They’ve got a really elegant set of social media sharing templates this week you could use on Instagram or Facebook to announce specials, or classes, or even just share your favorite quotes!

So what do you think? With all these great free resources, what are you inspired to decorate?

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