PoM and March 10% Offer: Grapefruit & Cypress

It’s happening… We’re rapidly approaching spring!

Maybe that’s why the product of the month is grapefruit essential oil. Sweet and citrusy, it evokes a sunnier outlook. It makes a wonderful addition to diffuser blends, as it compliments so many different types of scent profiles, from woody scents like cypress, to herbal like fennel , to floral like geranium, and even other citrus oils like wild orange. It makes for a perfect mood enhancer as we head into brighter days.

Grapefruit essential oil is one that comes with some cautions: like all citrus oils, it should be diluted before being used on skin. Also, you should be careful with sun exposure with grapefruit oil, since it increases sensitivity. Pregnant, nursing, and people on medications should consult with a physician before using grapefruit essential oil.

As always, the product of the month promo works like this: Place a 125 point value order through your Wellness Advocate or wholesale account before the 15th of the month (that’s this month, so March 15th!) and you’ll be eligible for a free 15ml bottle.

This month’s special discount essential oil is cypress. Clean, vital, and invigorating, cypress is an excellent spring cleaning mood companion. Plus it’s a spa and massage favorite. Combine with grapefruit in fractionated coconut oil for an enlivening experience! If you’re feeling like it’s time to shake up your skincare game, you could try adding cypress to your diy micellar water. (It’s become a huge hit for being gentle on skin and beating lingering dryness from winter’s constant hot/cold blasts.)

Cypress essential oil is 10% off all month long, but don’t wait! These deals will be over before you know it.

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