BOGO TIME!! July 16-20

Look lively, everyone! BOGO sales are coming up hot and fast. Monday through Friday next week, doTERRA will announce one buy one get one deal a day.

Follow doTERRA on Instagram, or on Facebook to find out what the deal of the day is. If you have an account with doTERRA, whether you’ve signed up as a Wellness Advocate, or just set up an account to make retail purchases, you’ll get email alerts about the sales too. This BOGO deal is open to everyone.

Rules, caveats and other good-to-knows:

  • Deals start at midnight mountain time and go to 11:50pm each day.
  • Points cannot be used to buy bogo items
  • You will get points for the item of the bogo pair that you pay for. (So if it’s buy lemon, get lime free, you will get points for lemon.)
  • You can make a BOGO buy when enrolling, so if you’re becoming a Wellness Advocate, you won’t have to do a separate order.
  • Each deal is limit 5 per account, per household, per day.
  • If you’re having trouble ordering, you should call 1-800-411-8151 right away for assistance.
  • You only need to add the purchase qualifier item to your cart, the free item will be added automatically. (E.g. if it’s buy lavender, get peppermint free, you only need to add lavender to your cart and peppermint will automatically be added for you!)

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