Renewed Heart and Soul Can Start at the Soles of Your Feet

We invite you to view this video of a mom and daughter as they share with Roxanne the benefits they’ve felt following foot detox baths and the use of essential oils.

Heidi, who normally sleeps only two hours each night, now is celebrating two consecutive nights of seven hours of sleep. The extra ten hours of sleep Heidi has gained is made even better by the improved energy levels she has enjoyed each morning.

Although Heidi, on her doctor’s recommendation, gave up prescription sleep aids two years ago, she has continued to rely on herbal supplements. Now, thanks to the benefits she believes she has experienced through foot detox and the use of essential oils, she’s looking forward to giving up the herbal supplements entirely.

As Heidi enjoys her second foot detox, she’s enthusiastically anticipating sleeping a full eight hours.

Devon is Heidi’s daughter. As a dog groomer, Devon describes her job as high stress and physical. She feels that exposure to the toxins in flea sprays and pet shampoos also could have contributed to her feelings of lethargy.

Devon’s experience following her first foot detox as well as the addition of essential oils to her life included the feeling of an elevated energy level. Devon described her benefits as, “Getting home from work and still having energy.”

Rather than coming home and wanting to fall into bed, Devon now rejoices over renewed energy that inspires her to hit the gym and helps motivate her to eat a more healthful diet.

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