August is a Triple Promo Month

This month, you can get 3 total freebies, and 10% off this month’s featured product.

August’s featured 10% discount product

All August long, get 10% off the HD Clear® Facial Kit, a three step system for cleaning, hydrating, and nourishing your skin. This trio contains powerful essential oils like melaluca, plus plant extracts, a specialized phytolipid blend, vitamins and amino acids, and algae extract. Gentle enough for everyday use, powerful enough to boost your complexion goals.

Product of the Month: 5ml On Guard

The first freebie is for Loyalty Reward Point orders: place a loyalty reward order of 125 PV or higher before August 15th and you will automatically have a 5ml bottle of the popular doTERRA blend, On Guard, added to your order! If you have an account, you can set up Loyalty Reward orders in order to take advantage of monthly promotions, ongoing point benefits, and get a regular shipment of essential oils.

(This promo is separate from the double product freebie below, so plan accordingly!)

200PV Freebies

The second freebie offer is open to all: Place a one-time 200 PV order any time before August 31 and you’ll get two unique essential oils! Mānuka Touch and 15ml Litsea essential oil.

Mānuka Touch – You may have heard of mānuka honey before, and mānuka (Leptospermum scoparium) is the beautiful flowering shrub that bees gather nectar from to create it. You’ll get a free 10ml roll on, which is mānuka essential oil blended with fractionated coconut oil for direct application to the skin. Mānuka has a mildly juniper-like scent that pairs well with many other oils.

Litsea – This wonderful, citrusy essential oil is well known throughout East Asia. It pairs well with bold florals like lavender, or as an uplifting compliment to soothing aromas like sandalwood. It would be excellent for homemade soap or other cosmetic applications.

Both of these essential oils are exclusive to this deal, they aren’t available in the shop! (Yet.) So get them while you can.

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