Why do we love doTERRA? Because they care about quality

Our friend Judy visited us at our Windermere location and talks about her experience with doTERRA essential oils.

Buying essential oil products online can be very challenging, as Judy discovered. Going through major markets like Amazon and Ebay is convenient, until you start researching the available brands. Few provide detailed quality information, or talk about their sources.

Quality essential oils is doTERRA’s main mission!

In fact, doTERRA has actually put together an entire website called Source To You (www.sourcetoyou.com) where you can not only read in depth about how doTERRA sources its essential oils, but there is also a page where you can enter an ID number from one of their single essential oils to read the third-party lab results detailing the contents. Every bottle of single plant doTERRA essential oil (items like lemon or peppermint, not blends like On Guard) manufactured after 2016 has an ID stamped on the bottom for quality control.

Even on product pages themselves, you’re given information you need to better understand how the essential oil was made, what its primary chemical composition is, and how to best use it. Take a look at Basil, for example.

Plant parts used, method of extraction, primary chemicals, suggested uses, and important safety reminders.

DoTERRA is committed to healthy, safe, and effective essential oil use, and that’s why we love them!

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