This Is It! 2018 doTERRA Convention Starts Today


If you’re attending this year, lucky you! It will four days jam packed with learning and networking opportunities!

Today opens with the Celebration Gala between 6pm and 11pm MDT. (You can register to watch this sold-out event for free.)

If you couldn’t make it, never fear, doTERRA has a way for you to tune in directly.

Live stream tickets are $49 and can be purchased directly from

You’ll also see all the session schedule so you can see the highlights for different sessions and plan your watching schedule.

The convention runs from today, September 19th, to Saturday September 22nd.

Why should you participate in the convention?

  • Get the inside line on new essential oils and essential oil products.
  • Learn how essential oils interact with our bodies.
  • Gain insights through explorations of university research on essential oils.
  • See the doTERRA difference for yourself by learning doTERRA’s quality controls and sourcing techniques.


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