Don’t Miss Out, Save 10% On Cardamom in September

Only a few days left to save on Cardamom essential oil.

In addition to being a well-known spice, featured in popular beverages and dishes the world over, Cardamom promotes good digestion and respiratory health. (It’s digestive support properties may be part of why it’s so popular in spice blends, as it could help balance other, more intense spices!)

Seed pods from Cardamom are often bought and used whole, as the essential oils in the raw herb begin to break down after being ground. Lucky for you, doTERRA has distilled these precious essentials and bottled them so you can have the most potent Cardamom experience possible whenever you want.

It’s a perfect aroma for fall diffuser blends, and it plays nicely with warm smells like cinnamon, or woodsy aromatics like cypress.

DoTERRA’s cardamom essential oil is obtained through a collaborative sourcing initiative in Guatemala. You can read more about that on doTERRA’s sourcing website: Source to You.

There are only 7 more days to save 10% on Cardamom essential oil, so don’t wait!

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