October 2018 Triple Promo Month

Not one, not two, but 3 big promos this month!

First up, the Product of the Month, Lemon!

Get a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil for free with a qualifying purchase before October 15th. If you’re new to Product of the Month, that’s a 125PV single purchase made before the due date. Your free lemon essential oil will automatically get added to your order before you check out. It’s as simple as adding your favorites to your cart then checking to see if lemon was added!

Lemon is so useful. It’s great in spa applications, in homemade cleaners, and in diffuser blends to add a bold citrus note. Who doesn’t love fresh lemon scent? You could also use it to supercharge your lemon squares, or add a drop or two to a cold water bath for fresh cut fruit to help prevent browning. Be careful when using lemon on skin, it should be well diluted.

Next, the discount product for October: TerraZyme

All month long, get 10% off a 90 capsule bottle of TerraZyme.  If you have digestive issues or occasional stomach upset, this one is for you!

  • Supports your metabolism and the healthy digestion of all types of foods, especially those without naturally-occurring enzymes (looking at you, late night pizza rolls!)
  • Supports the digestive conversion of food to energy by aiding in the breakdown process
  • Promotes comfort throughout the digestive process
  • Contains Peppermint, Ginger, and Caraway Seed in addition to whole-food enzymes to enhance digestive support even more!

And last but in no way least, a VERY special promo!

Citrus, citrus, and more citrus awaits you this month. The timing could not be better. With shortening days and changing temperatures, uplifting mood and supporting respiratory health becomes critical.

All month long, place a 200pv or higher single order and you will get four great items:

  • doTERRA Iris car diffuser
  • 5mL Kumquat
  • 5mL Red Mandarin
  • 5mL Clementine

These three citrus oils are brand new and not available as single oils yet! (You can, however, get green mandarin as a single essential oil.) The Iris diffuser, made for vehicles, is also not available outside this promotion.

Super exclusive, super neat, and only available (for now) between October 1st-31st.

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