Holiday Exclusives are HERE

Are you ready??

There are 11 limited time, limited quantity doTERRA-exclusive items for this holiday season.

Balance Bath Bar – Item: 60207764 – This moisturizing bar is great for bathing or shaving.
Retail: $9.67 Wholesale: $7.25

Brevi Diffuser with Harvest Spice – Item: 60207766 – Sleek, modern look diffuser paired with a unique, limited-time doTERRA blend that’s perfect for the holidays.
Retail: $58.67 Wholesale: $44.00

doTERRA Holiday Peace – Item: 60202866 – Fir essential oils blended with grapefruit, vetiver, and frankincense. 
Retail: $32.67 Wholesale: $24.50

dōTERRA Holiday Joy – Item: 31450001 – Fans of pumpkin spice will love this one. Citrus, fir, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.
Retail: $32.67 Wholesale: $24.50

Elephant Diffuser – Item: 60206131 – Too-cute diffuser that’s perfect for a child’s room. It features multi-colored lights and three nature sounds.
Retail: $58.67 Wholesale: $44.00

Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2018 10pk – Item: 60207982  – Great for Wellness Advocates to give to potential new people in your network.
Retail: $2.00 Wholesale: $2.00

Lava Rock Diffuser 2pk – SOLD OUT – Item: 60206130 – All natural diffuser. sold out for now!
Retail: $16.00 Wholesale: $12.00

On Guard Dark Chocolate Bark – Item: 60206137 – Almond, pistachio, and cranberry in dark chocolate, infused with doTERRA On Guard essential oil bland. 
Retail: $12.67 Wholesale: $9.50

Signature Aroma Collection With Monogram Clutch – Item: 60206162 – Fashionable, limited-time bag with two roll on essential oil blends, Dream and Radiant. 
Retail: $64.67Wholesale: $48.50

Tinted Lip Gloss – Item: 60206109 – Moisture-rich gloss with peppermint and wild orange essential oil in soft, fun colors. 
Retail: $16.67Wholesale: $12.50

Ugandan Bracelet With Beautiful Touch – Item: 60207872 – Handmade by artisan women in Uganda. Comes in a natural bark cloth bag, and also comes with a doTERRA roll on essential oil.
Retail: $42.67 Wholesale: $32.00


To make sure the site and ordering works smoothly, doTERRA has set up a queue system. If you see a screen like the one below, just be patient! You’ll be able to browse and order all you want, at your own pace. If you want an alert, you can put in your email.

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