Dream Tour Collection

The 2018 doTERRA Dream convention was a huge hit, and they’re taking the excitement on the road with a post-convention tour, as well as offering a limited-time, very special kit.

Dream Tour Collection Kit

Item: 60207733
Retail: $306.67
Wholesale: $230.00

The Dream Tour Collection has a set of some of the new, exciting offerings doTERRA is rolling out.

This collection offers a unique opportunity to dive into the newest doTERRA offerings. Some of these items are limited time only, too. (So don’t wait!)

The Dream Tour Collection is also a huge savings over buying each item individually.

If you live in Florida, there are two upcoming opportunities for you to participate in the tour:

November 13

Jacksonville, FL


November 15

Fort Lauderdale, FL


Check out the for opportunities near you!

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