turmeric powder

New Turmeric Essential Oil + 5 Uses

Recently at the 2018 global convention, doTERRA® announced Turmeric essential oil. In the video below, you’ll hear Dr. David Hill explore the many wonderful benefits of this new addition to the doTERRA product line.

5 Great Uses for Tumeric Essential Oils:

Get your turmeric essential oil and you’ll be able to –

  1. Add to a veggie capsule or dilute in liquid for daily antioxidant and immune response support.
  2. Use internally as metabolic support when trying to improve function.
  3. Use externally as needed for spot treatments on the skin, or add to face mask mixes to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  4. Add Turmeric to diffuser mixes to promote feelings of positivity and to improve mood.
  5. Include Turmeric in your recovery routine after workouts or stressful days for a soothing experience

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