Doing Good With doTERRA

Becoming a Wellness Advocate can be about many things like building a personal business, sharing your passion for essential oils, even just getting great rewards and discounts on the essential oils you love!

However, if there’s one thing doTERRA does, it’s inspire people to make a difference.

Earlier this year, when a natural disaster struck Taylorville, IL, Wellness Advocates got together to work with local relief efforts to provide much-needed supplies to affected families.

We’re so proud of our fellow Wellness Advocates for being a part of their community in a time of great need. It’s wonderful and inspiring to see the way a shared passion can bring people together to work for the greater good.

We wish the families in Taylorville affected by the tornado a swift return to warmth and comfort.

If you wish to donate to aid in their recovery, please see the following post:

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