Top 5 Reasons You Need to Sign Up for a Wholesale Membership ASAP

1 – You love using essential oils

Does this sound familiar?

  • Each morning, you wake up and check your diffuser, making sure it has water, and throwing in a few drops of your favorite scents.
  • You have created your very own blends and you can’t imagine a life of aerosol room sprays and potpourri.
  • You tear through bottles of your favorites on a monthly basis.

If any of that rings a bell you might be an essential oil fanatic. With a Wholesale Membership, you can set up a recurring monthly order, called a Loyalty Rewards Order, so you can keep your favorites coming month after month, or mix it up as you choose. Each month, doTERRA offers a Product of the Month, and LRP (Loyalty Reward Point) orders over 125 qualify you automatically for a free bottle of essential oil.

2 – You love a bargain

Does any of this ring a bell?

  • Your favorite price point is zero dollars.
  • When you get compliments on a new part of your outfit, your instinct is to say “Thanks I found it on sale!
  • The words BOGO and free shipping get you amped up.
  • You love having nice things almost as much as you love keeping your home budget running like a well-oiled machine.

For $35 your first year ($25 in following years), a Wholesale Membership can save you a lot of money on essential oils, bath and body goods, and even home cleaners. It starts with 25% off all doTERRA’s retail prices. That’s not a typo! Every product doTERRA offers automatically becomes 25% cheaper when you shop as a member. Plus, each year you get a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil, whose retail value is $27, meaning you’ve already scored one freebie! As mentioned before, each month you have an opportunity for a free bottle of essential oil. And to top it all off, there is a shipping rewards program, where you can redeem points gained from shipping costs to use towards free shipping on future orders.

3 – You’re trying to lead a more plant-focused lifestyle

It’s true that the world has more conveniences than ever before. But as a savvy consumer, you know that new and shiny doesn’t always mean it’s the best or safest choice for yourself, your family, or the environment. Before we were able to synthesize chemicals, we relied on plants to provide us with everything from essentials like medicine to everyday items like cosmetics and cleaners. Essential oils are concentrates of plants, and contain a number of compounds that can be used in an everyday way. Not only does human knowledge already contain extensive research on plants and their essential oils, more research is being done all the time to better understand how we can use plants safely and effectively to meet our needs.

doTERRA already has a robust catalog of essential oils and essential oil-based products. They pride themselves on product purity and have created their own, thorough testing method, and essential oils are labeled as Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® when they pass this rigorous testing. They even have a dedicated place for people who wish to check the lab results of their essential oils!

4 – You care about the impact of your purchases

So does doTERRA!

doTERRA works with local people in the areas where plants used for essential oils originate from to provide jobs and support the local communities.

Most of this is achieved through direct local partnerships with growers and labs, and through the Healing Hands Foundation.

doTERRA prides themselves on not being a cynical “eco cash grab” type of company. Every step of each product comes with consideration for both people and environment. You can read more at:

5 – You’re ready to take control of your health

It’s time to take the wheel. It’s time to carve out time for self-care. It’s time to listen to your body. It’s time to treat yourself a little nicer!

Arm yourself for battle against the forces of modern stress, motivational challenges, and seasonal upheaval… with plants! 🙂

A great step in this process would be to set yourself up for success by saving money while buying products to support you on your journey that you can feel good about.

Take the plunge and sign up for a Wholesale Membership today. (And if you’re feeling super motivated, you can go fully next level and become a Wellness Advocate!)

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