Get to Know a New Oil: Pink Pepper

Sourced from both Kenya and Peru, Pink Pepper is an interesting and, of course, a spicy essential oil. Originally, pink pepper was offered as part of the Harmony Collection, a limited time offer, but it has since been added as a permanent addition to the doTERRA single oil family. 

Although pink pepper is visually similar to common black pepper, it’s actually more closely related to cashews! The fruit of Schinus molle is steam distilled to make a spicy, fruity, and slightly woody smelling essential oil.

The tree pink pepper essential oil is derived from was once prized by Incans for a number of medicinal uses. Current use suggests it may support healthy cellular function, provide metabolism support, and may be calming to the nervous system.

See more about how pink pepper is sourced:

Pink pepper blends nicely with popular essential oils. Citrus oils like tangerine, lemon, and grapefruit pair well. As does bergamot. It can also be used to add spice to more woody scents like Siberian fir.

It can also be used to add verve to soft florals.

“Hot Romance” Blend

This blend is perfect for diffusers of course, but could be an excellent scent selection for bath salts, or a lotion, or mixing with some fractionated coconut oil to dab behind your ears before a hot date. 😉

To add an earthy note, try adding 3 drops of patchouli essential oil or Hawaiian sandalwood.

Pink pepper oil can also be used internally if diluted in water or an edible carrier oil (hello fractionated coconut oil!). It can also be added to food, and can be used in recipes that call for pepper. Just a drop or two should be enough for a full recipe.

Pink pepper packs some heat, so if you aren’t sure if you’ll like it or not, mix a drop in some coconut oil and dip a toothpick in to taste test. Speaking of, you could actually make pink pepper infused toothpicks if you want a spicy, invigorating way to do a little post-meal clean up, or to liven up martinis.

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