Get Into Deep Blue

This is a fantastic freebie deal you won’t want to miss.

All throughout the month of March, you can get a free 4oz tube of Deep Blue Rub, and a 5ml bottle of Deep Blue essential oil blend with a single order (either one time or loyalty reward order) of 200PV or more. You’ll save $65 (wholesale) to $86.67 (retail).

Deep Blue Rub is perfect for people who have tried menthol type rubs for joints and muscles but don’t love how medicine-y and overwhelming they are. It isn’t just formulated for what’s beneath the skin, but it’s also very skin-friendly! Deep Blue Rub is non-greasy, going on smooth and sinking in quickly. It has a menthol-and-camphor aroma, but it’s well balanced with doTERRA’s proprietary blend that includes ylang ylang and blue chamomile.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Deep Blue Rub!

Think of the Deep Blue essential oil blend as the full power version of the Deep Blue line. This is the pure essential oil blend. You can use it to make your own massage oil or dab directly on challenge areas. (Skin test first! Place a drop of a cotton swab and test on an area of skin like the back of the hand. If you experience irritation, dilute with fractionated coconut oil.)

Whether your life is full of heavy workouts, chasing children, or long hours in front of a computer, Deep Blue is here for you. And what better price is there than FREE?! Get yours before the month is out.

I also recommend picking up Deep Blue sample packets as part of your order. It won’t add to your point total, but wholesale members and Wellness Advocates get 10 2ml packets for just $5. These are great for throwing in a purse or gym bag for on the go use. For Wellness Advocates, you can distribute them to people who are interested in what doTERRA essential oils can do.

(Note: This doesn’t combine with the Product of the Month deal, you’ll need to place a separate order to get both freebie promos.)

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