Jumpstart Your doTERRA Wellness Advocate Experience

doTERRA is constantly developing new ways for new Wellness Advocates to expand their reach, network more effectively, and build their passion into a business. It’s one of the things that makes working with doTERRA so wonderful!

The latest is a 4 module learning series aimed at brand new doTERRA businesses.

Each module contains a series of videos presented by doTERRA business owners like you, aimed at sharing strategies and formulas for organizing your own endeavors.

Plus you’ll have access to supplementary materials like a PDF Success Tracker, so you can take the guesswork out of your progress and path, as well as materials for holding your own classes.

If you’ve never done sales or marketing, and the idea of building a business seems daunting, never fear! doTERRA has structured this learning series around the ideas of sharing and loving essential oils. There’s no old fashioned or pushy salesmen routines here, just techniques that help you find a way to share doTERRA oils that works for you and your lifestyle.

Build your own personal brand and business at your pace, with your style and your goals in mind.

Of course, one of the things doTERRA encourages Wellness Advocates to do is support your fellow Advocates! If you have questions about building your pipeline, or questions about doTERRA products, please reach out via email or by phone 407-876-0575. Orlando area Advocates (and fans of essential oils!) can also visit our location at Plant Street Market.

Not signed up yet? Become part of my network of Wellness Advocates!

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