Freebie Perk for NEW Members

If you have been on the fence about signing up as a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer: This is an excellent month to jump in!

Why? Because you can get the Lifelong Vitality Pack of 3 popular doTERRA supplements for free. This trio retails over $100, so this is a great starter perk!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up as a new Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer between May 1st-31st
  2. Place a 100PV or higher enrollment order (that’s when you’re signing up!)
  3. Opt in to the Loyalty Point Reward program
  4. Place a 100PV (or higher) Loyalty Rewards order between June 1st-30th
  5. Get a free Lifelong Vitality Pack with your June Loyalty order!

What’s in the pack:

Microplex VMz – Vitamins, minerals, and essential oils, designed to maximize their bioavailability and provide a comprehensive blend of nutrients.

xEO Mega – This isn’t your grandpa’s fish oil supplement! Each capsule contains a blend of fish oil & essential oil to help you balance your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid intake.

Alpha CRS+ – This is the final leg of the vitality tripod. Alpha CRS+ combines antioxidants and other supportive elements like coenzyme Q10, quercetin, ginkgo, and boswellia.

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