Green Mandarin: Green Gold

During last year’s DREAM convention, doTERRA introduced a number of new and exciting essential oils, including green mandarin. Like the name suggests, green mandarin essential oil is derived from unripe mandarin fruit.

Like it’s ripened counterpart, green mandarin has an excellent citrus aroma, and is perfect for any diffuser blend that needs a citrusy kick. It also makes an excellent addition to surface cleaners, just as you would use lemon or orange oil.

Unlike other citrus essential oils, green mandarin is not photosensitive, meaning it can be used on the skin without concern of increasing sensitivity to UV rays. This property is due to the fruits’ unripened state.

What you may not know is how green mandarin came to be part of the doTERRA family of oils. Mandarin trees (Citrus reticulata) are native to southeast Asia and the Phillippines. In the mid-1800s, it was brought to Italy, where the climate proved to be very well suited to growing. From there, it was taken to Brazil.

Although the mandarin fared well in it’s transplant homes of Italy and Brazil, farmers still have challenges. See, mandarin trees produce lots and lots of fruit. So much, in fact, that 60-70% has to be thinned out during the growing season in order to prevent issues and ensure a successful crop. Traditionally, these thinned fruits were simply left to rot in the fields. Not terrible as compost, but it put extra pressure on farmers to try to maximize the remaining harvest so each year could be profitable.

Down in Brazil, an immigrant from Italy had an idea. Collecting green fruits from local growers, he worked with doTERRA to help develop a new essential oil: green mandarin. Now, rather than leaving fruit to rot, it becomes a vital part of local farmers’ income, taking pressure off the final harvest and allowing them a more profitable livelihood.

It’s a remarkable tale of how doTERRA was able to work with local growers to produce a something wonderful from something that was once considered waste!

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