3 Easy DIY Diffusers

By far one of the most popular ways to use essential oils is to diffuse them in the air as aromatherapy. Although there are a number of really great electric vapor diffusers to choose from, sometimes it’s nice to to create something yourself. (Or for the energy-conscious, avoid extra power use!)

Plus, there’s portability and access to power to consider! After all, you can’t carry around a desk diffuser with you all day, and you may not have an outlet in an area that could stand to smell nicer.

So without further ado, three super simple diffusers you can make yourself:

(Post contains affiliate links to products that will help with these projects!)

Personal Pendant or Bracelet

So this one is cheating because there are at least three ways you can make your own diffuser jewelry!

  • Mold a clay pendant: Air drying paper clay is easy for anyone to use and will absorb oil well. Shape it as you like! You can use a mold, or simply freehand a shape, but be sure you leave a hole to thread a chain or string through.
  • Make one out of felt: That’s right, common craft felt makes an excellent personal diffuser since it absorbs the oil readily and can be crafted into so many things. You can get an open locket to put a circle of felt into, or make a lovely flower or layered abstract piece.
  • Get into leathercraft: If you’re feeling frisky, create your own leather jewelry, if not, you can rub essential oil into any basic leather cuff or pendant to have a stylish personal diffuser on the go.

Car Diffuser

Ok, ready for the secret: It’s a clothes pin.


That’s right, all you really need for essential oil diffusing in the car is a simple wooden clothes pin. The soft wood readily absorbs and slowly releases the oils.

If you want to get fancy, you can use some of the felt from your jewelery adventures to make your own classic hanging pine tree shape.

Laundry Ball Bliss

Everyone is trying to ditch one-time-use products to green up their daily lives. And one of the ways people have been doing that is switching from dryer sheets to things like wool laundry balls.

These woolly buddies can do more than toss your laundry around. You can put a drop or two of essential oil on them and add a wonderful aroma to your fresh laundry.

You can also store sweaters with a wool laundry ball that has cypress or other pine-y essential oils to help deter moths. (Also, Christmas sweater that already smells like Christmas?? Win-win.)

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