Precious Petals Enrollment Promotion

This month, there’s a promotion for Wellness Advocates signing up new members.

You have an opportunity from July 1st through the 31st to get free essential oils for signing up new customers!

Enroll 2 customers with 100PV enrollment orders, get a 15ml Cananga essential oil free.

Enroll 4 customers with 100PV enrollment orders, get a free 5ml Jasmine essential oil.

Enroll 8 customers with 100PV enrollment orders, get a 5ml Rose essential oil free.

Enroll 11 customers with 100PV enrollment orders, get all 3 essential oils.

Cananga: Flower of Flowers

A relative to Ylang Ylang, Cananga is a unique flower that produces a calming and balancing essential oil. Cananga helps to soothe anxious or stressful feelings and promotes a healthy-looking complexion.

Jasmine: The King of Flowers

Jasmine has been beloved for centuries because of its romantic and uplifting scent. Jasmine flowers are so delicate they must be hand-picked one at a time in order to make this exclusive oil.

Rose: The Flower of Love

A rare and prized essential oil, Rose oil carries the sweet aroma of rose petals. It promotes healthy-looking skin and makes a great personal fragrance.

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