100 Uses for Essential Oils Ebook

doTERRA regularly provides audio, video, and written materials to support Wellness Advocates and essential oil users in using essential oils safely and effectively.

Recently, doTERRA released an ebook called 100 Uses for Essential Oils.

Like the title suggests, there are 100 tips and methods for using essential oils, broken down into 10 chapters:

  1. Aromatic use – covers diffusers and other aromatherapy applications
  2. Topical use – tips on external use including dilution guidelines
  3. Internal use – suggestions for dosage and how to safely take
  4. Cooking – incorporating culinary herb essential oils into recipes
  5. Cleaning – making and enhancing your own cleaning products
  6. Wellness – safety information and tips for supporting health
  7. Sleep – tips for supporting healthy sleep with essential oils
  8. Hygiene & Personal Care – guidelines for enhancing your personal care routine
  9. Fitness – supplementing your fitness routine with essential oils
  10. Mood Management – promoting balance and calm with essential oils

All this is in 34 pages, with helpful tables of which essential oils are appropriate for which applications, and bullet lists of tips so you can find information quickly.

Its an excellent guide for your own use or for distributing to friends, family, and new prospective customers who are new to essential oils but are excited to get started. Not only is it important to share the many ways essential oils can support our daily lives, but its crucial to share how to use essential oils safely. doTERRA is committed to providing both types of information!

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