Cedar 10% off all August + Free 5ml Laurel Leaf

As with every month, doTERRA has two products in the spotlight, a discount and a promotional free item.

10 percent off promotion

This August, doTERRA is offering 10% off 15ml bottles of Cedarwood essential oil.

Cedarwood essential oil is wonderful for adding to sachets to store your seasonal clothes, especially your wool and silk. You can also dab some on a cloth with mineral oil and rub it into solid wood furniture. (Be sure to patch test in an inconspicuous place before getting too carried away! Not all finishes can be cleaned this way.)

It’s of course also wonderful if you crave woodland aromas!

August’s Freebie

Keeping up with your Loyalty Rewards orders has excellent perks, like a freebie opportunity each month. Get your 125PV order in before the 15th and get a 5ml bottle of Laurel essential oil. This isn’t a standard product, so be sure you get your order in or you might miss out!

August product of the month, Laurel Leaf essential oil

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