2019 doTERRA Together Convention Wrap Up

Well it’s finally all done! Hopefully you got your ticket to attend or at least a livestream ticket! If you missed out on either, you can watch the convention stream on demand until October 31st by going to https://livestream.doterra.com/ and buying a ticket. Even if you were lucky enough to attend, it’s a smart move to go back and watch sessions you missed out on, or refresh yourself on the new product updates.

With each convention comes new additions to the doTERRA family of essential oils and essential oil products. It’s always so exciting!!

There’s a new essential oil blend called Adaptiv that comes in oil, roll on, and capsule form and it promises to be a wonderful addition to your stress management routine.

Black Spruce is a new co-impact sourced essential oil, with wonderful green, fruity notes that will be welcome in any calming diffuser or massage blend.

A classic of outdoor uses, Citronella will soon be available in essential oil form, empowering you to add its crisp, floral scent to your seasonal defense kit. Imagine pouring your own outdoor candles with sustainably sourced, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ® citronella oil!

I could – and will – go on about all the great new products that will be available starting in October, but of course the convention is more than just new essential oils, it’s also about… togetherness.

Each year, doTERRA shares empowering information for Wellness Advocates to help them build their personal businesses, build networks of friends and partners, and share the love of safe, responsible essential oil use.

Viewing the convention livestream archive can give you access to all the terrific information shared by fellow Wellness Advocates, and doTERRA staff from all levels.

There’s also a post-convention tour happening! Be sure to check here for dates and times local to you. If you attended the convention or watched the livestream, this is a chance for you to get even more in-depth and connect with other Wellness Advocates and potential customers local to you. If you didn’t, this is your chance to get in on the action in a hands-on way.

What to expect at the newly-redesigned Post Convention Tour:

  • Each ticket purchase grants admission for you and a guest new-to-doTERRA (non-customer)
  • You and your guest both receive an exclusive free 10ml oil
  • Hands-on oil experiences and product demonstrations at the expo booths
  • Guest speakers share a snapshot of newly released products and doTERRA culture
  • Exclusive onsite enrollment promotion
  • Fun doTERRA Swag available only at Together Tour events
  • Purchase and take home a discounted Together Tour kit
  • Learn how incorporating essential oils into daily life can increase your overall health and wellness

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