PoM & 20% off for October

Each month, doTERRA offers free product to people who place Loyalty Reward Point orders totaling 125PV or higher before the 15th.

This month is a 15ml bottle of Clementine. This essential oil is not available for regular purchase, so get it while you can.

This frisky little sweet orange and mandarin hybrid packs a ton of great qualities!!

It’s sweeter and zestier than a lot of other citrus oils, making it an excellent change of pace from some of the other, sharper citrus options.

If you have an infusing water bottle, or just one with a straw, dip a toothpick in clementine oil and drop that in to enhance your water. (Anything to meet those goals right?)

Put several drops on a cotton ball or pad and tape to the inside of your trash can lid to help control stinky trash odors. It also makes an excellent choice for home cleaning solutions.

Add a drop to your favorite shampoo, body wash, or facial cleanser (mix well!) to give it a citrus boost. Get a vanilla-scented soap and you can bathe yourself in a creamsicle!

20% off Roman Chamomile all month long

Chamomile, that tiny flower that provides so much soothing scent!

These flowers are tiny and precious, so a 5ml bottle normally retails for $60.

Throughout the month of October, add Roman Chamomile to your cart and see 20% knocked off the price.

Be sure to sign up for a Wholesale or Wellness Advocate account to get the best price, as these types of purchasing accounts automatically get 25% off retail values. You’ll pay $36 for your bottle this month! (Plus shipping, unless you have points to redeem of course.)

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